Tuesday, February 27, 2024
Editors editorial

Cyclones, storms, flood and bushfires – where will it end?

You could be forgiven for feeling confused about the weather events over summer. While we were expecting a dry hot summer due to an El Nino event, Australia was dealing with Cyclone Jasper in far north Queensland and a battering of storms and floods throughout the east coast.… Continue reading

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Cordon-trained pears can yield well (Image: John Fitzsimmons)

Pollination – realising the potential

By John Fitzsimmons

Growing food at home has been trending in recent times. Many who started out with easily grown herbs and vegetables have advanced to perennial crops including fruit trees. However, the full reward from this step could be limited if pollination is not considered.Continue reading

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Plants are required to help soften our grey infrastructure along with providing climate-mitigating solutions (Image: Michael Casey)
Green Infrastucture

Discovering tomorrow: Exploring the visionary landscape of nature-based cities

By Michael Casey

I’m captivated by the vibrant energy of cities, and harbour a deep love and respect for nature. However, when will we truly experience a merging of these two worlds, placing our profound need for plants at the forefront?Continue reading

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Plant Palette

Broccoli – the best of the greens

By Clive Larkman

As adults we all know what food is good for us to eat and we generally know what we should avoid. However, the research suggests that less than 10% of Australian adults eat a healthy diet made up of the correct mix of protein, fruit and vegetables on a daily basis.… Continue reading

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A formally espaliered apple screens this rainwater tank. (Image: Merrywood Plants)

Fruitful design for unusual garden spaces

By Gabrielle Stannus

These days you do not need an entire orchard to grow fruit. This is fortunate as our population is becoming increasingly urbanised and the quarter-acre block is almost a relic of times gone past. We are living on smaller blocks with little or no outdoor space, with potential growing area often restricted to less-than-ideal growing environments, e.g.Continue reading

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Business File

Solutions for problems in your business

By John Corban

Many businesses share similar problems so I thought I would share solutions to problems that I have shared over the last twelve months.

Problem: I need more profit, what can I do?

Solution: Understand where your business is at financially first, plan to remove any unnecessary costs, then create a six-month profit forecast until June 30.Continue reading

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Nursery Papers

Nursery Papers – Expanding emergency measures for Xylella fastidiosa

The Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) has updated protocols to handle the threat of Xylella fastidiosa, a significant bacterial pathogen, in imported nursery stock.

Effective December 2023, regulatory measures are enforced for plants within the Simaroubaceae family to mitigate the risk of Xylella.… Continue reading

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Sublime™ Acmena smithii ‘DOW30’ PBR (image supplied by Ozbreed)
Plant Palette

Lush, low-fuss Lilly Pillies

By Daniel Fuller

Are you a landscape designer, nursery grower, horticulturist or council decision maker who loves beautiful natives that require minimal upkeep?

Lilly Pillies, which are plants in the Syzygium, Acmena (now reclassified as Syzygium) and Waterhousea genera, are native shrubs and trees beloved for their resilience, versatility, as well as their beautiful glossy leaves, fluffy flowers and edible fruits.… Continue reading

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Freelancing for a career in the media

By Daniel Fuller

Did you realise that people are making a part-time and eventually a full-time wage creating horticultural content like writing articles, creating videos, and taking photos?

You could be supplementing your own wage, or at least earning a little bit of extra pocket money while exercising a different type of creativity.Continue reading

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Greener Spaces Better Places Update

What’s Growing on?


The three latest episodes, filmed in Queensland, shine a spotlight on mature trees, sub-tropicals and architectural plants. Claire Hooper hosts the series once again, and is joined on the couch by sub-tropical expert and nursery owner Wayne Lyons, Kristian Spink of Marlborough Nurseries, and Brisbane-based horticulturalist Zoe Donkin.… Continue reading

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Flowers of Agonis flexuosa (Image: Emily Denham)
Botanic Gardens

Seed collections help safeguard the future

By Matthew Stray

While Agonis flexuosa may appear robust and resilient, this long-lived species should not be taken for granted, nor should access to its seed. Threats to A. flexuosa exist through the processes of climate change as well as a potential incursion of Myrtle Rust into south west Western Australia.Continue reading

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Advanced Wollemi Pines ready for transplanting from cutting propagation (image supplied by Matt Coulter)
International Plant Propagation Society

Propagation to save the Wollemi Pine

By Matt Coulter

Wollemia nobilis is listed by the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) as a critically endangered tree species. The species is commonly known as Wollemi Pine and is, in fact, not a pine but a member of a 200-million-year-old plant family, the Araucariaceae, predominately a southern hemisphere plant family that includes Araucaria, Agathis, and the monotypic genus Wollemia.Continue reading

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Butterflies have more than aesthetic value in gardens (image supplied by Denis Crawford)
Pest and Diseases

Where have all the butterflies gone?

By Denis Crawford

Butterflies are desirable in gardens because they are indicators of a healthy environment. Unfortunately, they are under threat from climate change.

People enjoy seeing butterflies fluttering around their gardens and in bushland. Butterflies are considered to be harmless, perhaps with the exception of the cabbage white butterfly (Pieris rapae), and they are often quite large, colourful, and aesthetically pleasing.… Continue reading

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Carica papaya is a fast fruiting plant that produces masses of fruits (Image: Patrick Regnault)
Fruit Trees

Fruit production: managing customer expectation

By Patrick Regnault

People like the idea of growing their own food, picking the fruits of their labour along the way, and juicing their own citrus every morning, fresh from the tree. If the picture in your head looks like advertising it is because it is as realistic as a commercial.Continue reading

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Print media making a comeback

By Karen Smith

All is not lost in print media, and according to ‘theconversation.com’ magazines still have the place in the market. Here is a summary of the article on their website.

Print magazines, though not as popular as they once were, have defied predictions of demise.… Continue reading

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Tom May (Image: Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria)

Australasian Systematic Botany Society Medal

Dr Tom May, Principal Research Scientist (Mycology) at Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, was awarded the 2023 Nancy T. Burbidge Medal, the highest award of the Australasian Systematic Botany Society (ASBS).

Dr Katharina Nargar, President of ASBS, said the award honoured Dr May’s longstanding and significant contribution to the discovery, description, understanding and conservation of Australia’s vast fungal diversity.… Continue reading

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Online invasion

Many harmful, invasive plant species are let loose in the wild by careless actions of home gardeners and well-meaning professionals. There are several examples where plants were introduced to solve a problem only to become the problem. Classic example is bitou bush (Chrysanthemoides monilifera subsp.… Continue reading

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Knowledge sharing and networking is the foundation of urban greening (Image: Karen Smith)
Green Infrastucture

Partnerships are critical when greening our built environments

By Michael Casey

Greening built environments demands a blending of expertise from various disciplines such as architecture, urban planning, engineering, and environmental and horticultural sciences. Interdisciplinary collaboration, facilitated by partnerships, ensures a holistic understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with sustainable development.Continue reading

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Quality, consistency and uniformity can be enhanced with new technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) (Image: John Fitzsimmons)
Greenhouse Robotics

Greenhouses, AI and robots:

Time to adjust our thinking.

By John Fitzsimmons

Reviewing recent developments in horticulture, and in particular in greenhouse production, is a regular process for growers and specialist media. But with the rapid emergence and development of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), sensory capabilities and robotics, it is time to look beyond hardware and even services and consider more holistically what our growing business needs and wants are.Continue reading

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