Landscape Show a one-stop show for innovation, new players and networking

By John Fitzsimmons

Melbourne’s Caulfield Racecourse recently hosted the 5th Landscape Show, a unique trade-focussed event in Australia that has certainly hit a sweet spot with landscape suppliers, designers and tradies.

Despite the high demand calling people to work sites, and a challenging Melbourne winter, the landscape sector, exhibitors and visitors, really seem to have embraced this event and the Caulfield indoor-outdoor site works well.… Continue reading

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Green Space Awards acknowledge traditional landowners

By Michael Casey

The Australian Institute of Horticulture (AIH) and its members are practitioners of horticulture across a wide range of disciplines, the majority of which are related in most ways to the improvement of healthy living.

‘Green Space’ as a development, renovation or its preservation, can take many forms especially as urbanisation becomes more acute.… Continue reading

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Size matters – Seeking correct information on plant dimensions

By Patrick Regnault

The placement of plants in a garden is what makes the design a success or a failure. It may not be seen straight away but as the plants grow, we may find that the small shrub we have used in a garden design is in fact a sprawling, 3m monster, or what was believed to be a small tree is in fact a large shrub.Continue reading

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Friends of the Gardens – the lifeblood of Rockhampton Botanic Garden

By Stuart Elder

In my first days as Curator at Rockhampton Botanic Garden last September, I was struck with a very welcoming and familiar sight dressed in bright pink shirts, the Friends of the Botanic Gardens!

Having worked for many years in various roles for The Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust, I was very familiar with the various programs that were run under the Foundation and Friends Inc.… Continue reading

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Feeding plants to fuel growth

By John Fitzsimmons

Centuries of growing experience and science have gone into today’s knowledge of plant nutrition, recorded in innumerable texts, digital records and oral histories. While science is science, the foregoing has also resulted in many interpretations and opinions. This is not the time or channel for a comprehensive review but we can consider a few basic ideas and definitions.Continue reading

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Nursery Papers – Ensuring business continuity during biosecurity incursions

BACKGROUND: As part of the levy-funded project ‘Ensuring business continuity during biosecurity incursions – social and economic research learnings for the production nursery industry’ (NY18010) a survey of production nurseries was undertaken which sought to examine the social and economic impacts of biosecurity incursions.… Continue reading

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